Our Services

Our comprehensive product engineering services enable customers to accelerate new product development.

We offer flexible engagement models for our professional services, including revenue-based risk and reward, a time-and-material model with offshore and onsite delivery, and a project- based model with an agreed upon statement of work.

We offer following services:

  • Software product development and testing services
  • Network Transformation and Managed Services
  • Consulting services

Software product development and testing services

Software product development and testing services

Software product engineering – Architect and manage development lifecycle for the product and solution right from roadmap, design, development, build, integration testing, deploy, sustain and support.

Our services include:

Product sustenance takeover:

Complete takeover of the product/solution including product lifecycle management, roadmap, development team ramp-up, testing, quality assurance and support.

Software product development

Extensive experience in networking and applications, including architecture, design, implementation and subsystem integration.

Testing and Integration

Testing domains such as system integration, product validation, interoperability, regression testing, managed testing and certification. We partner with communications service providers, mobile virtual network operators and network equipment providers to deliver complete end-to-end lifecycle testing services.


We help customers accelerate time to market, minimize risk and improve efficiency by delivering industry-standard test automation solutions tailored to meet business needs. Designed to align with Agile and DevOps testing ecosystems, we have frameworks for performing continuous testing and automated validation throughout a complete product lifecycle.

Field deployment

Assistance in deployment services, working closely with customers on field trials, customer-focus testing and deployment testing.

Maintenance and Sustenance

Post-delivery maintenance support (offshore or onsite).

Network transformation and managed services

Network transformation and managed services

Our network transformation and managed services help clients transform their network infrastructure to keep pace with new technology and to take on tomorrow's challenges. We help optimize client networks to achieve measurable performance improvements, increased efficiency and service levels with sustained savings and cost.

Our services help our clients transform to an intelligent infrastructure (SDN/NFV)and digital transformation. This brings increased reliability in the network that is always on and available, improves agility and flexibility allowing rapid deployment and provisioning of network resources.

Our services include:

Network design and optimization

  1. Network planning, design, deployment, upgrade and migration of wide area networks
  2. Designing high speed, load balanced and high availability networks with 24x7 operations support
  3. Fault and performance monitoring
  4. Multivendor hardware selection, installation, commissioning and configuration
  5. Optimized network with routers, servers, storage, switches, firewalls and load balancers

Wireless Infrastructure

  1. Infra planning, designing and monitoring
  2. Setting up network with best WiFi coverage

Managed Network and security services

  1. Ensures network reliability and service quality
  2. Setting up with secure connections between different client sites DoS Attacks and vulnerability assessment to provide data protection privacy and integrity solutions
  3. Services for DLP, content filtering, IPS and endpoint services to secure the network
  4. VPN and network security solutions
  5. Cybersecurity and fraud protection
  6. Multivendor security services including Palo Alto, Cisco ASA, Fortinet client etc.

Network Virtualization and Cloud computing

  1. Design and deployment of fully virtualized network solution for client’s server infrastructure, storage, back-up and compute part.
  2. Implementation of a resilient and scalable global infrastructure with capability of managing resource pools in different regions and with a modular design for quick scale out
  3. Single solution that enables to manage a wide range of platforms and architectures that does not tie to any specific hardware technology or vendor. Ability to choose the right hypervisor and guest OS platforms for the right workload
  4. Multi-Customer shared infrastructure providing secure network separation between customer environments
  5. Automation of network management and configuration that enables to support multiple network domains per customer and linkage to the customers private networks.

Consulting services:

AVIPRA's capability to identify and scale opportunity at speed relies on our distinct innovation model – a cross capability team of industry veteran's combined with operational experience helps client’s pilot and consume new technologies to spark transformation.

Through R&D, prototyping and incubation, we help our clients to connect the dots through a proactive strategy. We help our clients to lay out strategy, assessment planning and design services related to their needs.

Our technology consulting service helps clients to implement new apps, platforms, architecture and technology

Experienced consultants who help to design optimized networks that fulfils present and future needs

Data centre migration consulting along with disaster recovery site plans

Lay out strategies for client to reduce their current expense by automating, software defined and virtualised network.

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